Overview: Jason Veitch was building eight homes and was losing thousands of dollars to copper theft. He stood guard one night at a home under construction. When encountering three intruders, his shotgun accidently fired and killed a man.

The Unlikely Ending of Son’s Felony Murder Trial

NEWNAN, GEORGIA — A successful, fulfilled life suddenly torn apart by a totally unforeseen tragedy was put back together again by a totally unforeseen intervention – a miracle!

Jackie Carpenter, a loving mother and grandmother, church organist and successful businesswoman, had it all and would have given it all up in a moment to rescue her youngest son facing trial for felony murder. But the only thing she had to give up was her doubts – and that led to a miracle!

The story of a false charge that crushed a family is told in dramatic fashion by Jackie Carpenter in The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is Psalm 91 (ISBN 9781615796847, 2010 Xulon Press https://www.bridgetoamiracle.com, 118 pages, $19.99 hardcover). But the story of the miracle that follows is one readers will never forget.

Carpenter’s youngest son, Jason Veitch, is a contractor who was building eight homes in a new subdivision and was losing thousands of dollars to copper theft. Following the advice of a police deputy, Jason stood guard one night at a home under construction. When encountering three intruders, his shotgun accidently fired and killed a man. Subsequently some shady actions by the police deputy led to trumped up charges of felony murder.

When her son was arrested and charged with felony murder, Carpenter busied herself researching everything. “I became an attorney, a police officer, a judge, a juror, a forensic expert,” says Carpenter. “Then two weeks before trial, I realized that everything I researched was to no avail. There was nothing else that I could do to help Jason. So I turned Jason over to God and a miracle happened.”

In the midst of crisis, Carpenter stopped at CVS to pick up a prescription. Her eyes were drawn to the “Choice Book Stand” entitled Psalm 91, God’s Shield of Protection! It Saved My Life. Carpenter turned to the Book of Psalms for comfort and guidance, and throughout the trial shared with family members copies of stories taken from the Psalm 91 book.

The Bridge takes readers on a journey of utter helplessness through valleys of fear and doubts to a path of faith that led to a miracle. The book offers hope to the hopeless, help to the helpless, rest to the restless, and life to the lifeless.

“Ten long months we lived in the very pit of hell where Satan viciously attacked our family continuously,” recalls Carpenter, “Day after day after day after day. But at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 16, 2009 on the third floor courtroom of Coweta County Courthouse, the judge announced, “The jury has reached a decision” and to Jason, “please rise.” And God showed up!”

The lessons of The Bridge include:

Don’t Blame God; Trust God when bad things happen
Surviving tragedy without losing faith
God still performs miracles today
Finding peace in the Valley of the Shadow of Death
Prosecutors are Big and Powerful but God is Bigger and More Powerful

In addition to working fulltime as a contractor, Jason today is also a part-time minister in his brother Jim’s church. Jackie has returned to her job as office manager of an MRI company but also finds time to share her journey from a cellblock to a miracle.

About the Author
A native of Georgia, author Jackie Carpenter is office manager for husband Larry’s medical imaging company, a church organist, assistant Sunday School teacher, social director of a senior adult Bible Class, wife, mother and grandmother. She knows God inspired her to write The Bridge and followed His leading throughout the writing process. “I am God’s Secretary. He dictated and I typed.” Because she finished the book on the 15th day of the month some 15 months after the tragedy and because the book has 15 chapters, Jackie inquired and learned that the number 15 means “Rest”!