Georgia Justice

What happens when a good person who serves God as a Bible teacher and church organist is struck by a tragedy and assaulted daily by Satan? What happens when you turn to God but cannot hear Him speak? What happens when you pray for a miracle and nothing happens? What happens when a person of faith discovers she lacks the faith to overcome tragedy?

Georgia Justice: A Journey of Faith is a true story of the author’s journey beginning with the belief she had a lot of faith to the stunning realization that the faith she had did not even begin to measure up to where it needed to be when tragedy struck. Jackie Carpenter realized that when her son’s arrest for felony murder turned her life upside down and the faith she relied upon was not turning her right-side up!

Every day and night after her son was falsely charged with felony murder, the author was assaulted by Satan who created fear, doubt, terror, nightmares and daymares, and deep depression. Only in her prayer closet could Jackie Carpenter find peace and faith and pointers on how to build her faith

Jackie leans on family, daily enters her prayer closet to meet God, turns to the Book of Psalms, and eventually finds the faith and courage to take God with her into the courthouse so He could perform a miracle.

Georgia Justice then becomes a story of faith-building – a how to guide of what it takes to escape from the tightening grips of doubt and depression and begin the journey to renewed and strengthened faith, hope, and ultimate victory. Georgia Justice is a book everyone should read, believers and non-believers alike, those facing a tragedy now and those who have no idea a tragedy lies ahead in their tomorrows.