My name is Jackie Carpenter, and I am the author of:
“The Bridge” Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is Psalm 91

A Reporter asked me yesterday, what inspired you to give the book this Title?

It is a very unique Title, but that is because God gave it the Title and not Jackie. Before God inspired me to write the book, He gave it the Title. My family was miring down in quick sand with no hope of survival from this nightmare. Jason was in “Cell Block A” (that is where the murderers are located), only he had not murdered anyone. In Cell Block A they wear red and white stripes, symbolizing “Murderer” worst of the worst.

Has the Jury reached a verdict? We have your Honor! Will the defendant please rise….As my son stood there with his life dangling out over a cliff, outside of God, we had no Hope. But at 3:40 in the afternoon, 3rd floor Courtroom at the Coweta County Courthouse, GOD SHOWED UP WITH A “MIRACLE”.

The Miracle that our family had been praying for over 10 long months. “We the Jury, find the Defendant, NOT GUILTY!

God spoke to my heart 2 months after the Trial. He said “Jackie, what is it that links these 2 things together (Cell Block A and a Miracle)? What is that Bridge between Cell Block A and that Miracle?” And it HIT ME LIKE A TON OF BRICKS…that Bridge is Psalm 91 (God’s Shield of Protection Over Our Lives). I had been holding on to and claiming that promise for 10 months and that was the Bridge that God was showing me. I lived in the Book of Psalms for 10 months. Psalms 91 had been my “Life Support” for 10 months, and now it had brought me back to Life!

I am married to a wonderful man. His name is Larry Carpenter. He’s my Rock! He is the best husband in the world and the best step-dad the world has ever known. We have four grandchildren: Hannah, Anna Grace, Patience and JJ. But never let me forget: we also have 3 dog children: Chloe’ Blackie and Bojangles. LIFE IS GOOD ONCE AGAIN! Thank you Jesus for Psalm 91 (My Bridge to My Miracle) Amen

Jackie Carpenter is a small town girl born and raised in Newnan, Georgia. Having been raised by her loving Christian parents, Jack and Mary Jo Duncan, Jackie and her sister Susie had a beautiful childhood. Spending lots of quality family time participating in church services, church related activities, backyard barbeques, swimming in the creek, walking barefoot through the woods, just having fun. There was no greater childhood than what she experienced in this small town.

Many years later Jackie found herself divorced, raising two sons on her own while working as an Administrative Assistant in Newnan Hospital. The hospital was looking at going into a Joint Venture with Larry Carpenter for Mobile MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) service. Newnan Hospital got MRI service and Jackie got remarried, worked out great for both parties!

Jackie moved to Ellaville, Georgia and became the Office Manager to her husband Larry Carpenter, President/Owner of Diversified Imaging Services. They have been working side by side since 1995. They work hard, and they play hard. They have traveled all over the world and still find themselves honeymooning 16 years later. In 2008 Larry built Jackie’s dream house “Carpenter Place” in seclusion behind her parent’s home in Newnan, Georgia. It is her “week-end retreat” where she still continues to spend quality time with her family. Now she takes those barefoot walks through the woods with her four grandchildren.

Jackie refers to herself as a “Small town Cinderella”. She never knew life could be so good until her Prince Charming showed up at Newnan Hospital. . .and now their plan is to “Live happily ever after”

Jackie Carpenter never intended to become an author. And neither did she ever expect to be a resource for persons facing a crisis in life. But Jackie took the crisis in her life, and subsequent miracle, and wove it into a dramatic and heart-wrenching story – The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is Psalm 91.

And the Reluctant Author followed up with still another book, Georgia Justice: A Journey To Faith – a remarkable guide on how to build faith when overcome by doubt, depression and tragic events.

A native of Newnan, GA, who has lived in Ellaville, GA, since 1993, Carpenter is married with two married sons and four grandchildren. Until tragedy struck, Jackie Carpenter was living a busy and fulfilled life working as office manager for husband Larry’s medical imaging company in Ellaville, GA, as church organist, assistant Sunday School teacher, social activity director for a senior adult Sunday School class, and as wife, mother and grandmother.

Jackie designed her dream home four years ago, turned her sketches over to an architect, and son Jason Veitch built it for her. Placed in the middle of a wooded area, the home is round with an indoor pool that serves as a centerpiece. She enjoys scrapbooking and designing, and she and husband Larry have travelled all over the world. A canine lover, she also is mom to three dogs.

Then on June 27, 2008, everything changed. “I had no problems of any kind,” recalls Jackie. “No health problems, no financial problems, no kids-out-of-control problems. Life could not have been better, and then the call came at 7 a.m.; it was Steph, my daughter-in-law, crying and screaming into the phone: ‘Jackie, the man died, Jason has been arrested, taken to jail and charged with Felony Murder. They also may arrest my daddy’.”

The tragedy led to a walk of faith, fueled by the discovery of the Book of Psalms, that ended in a miracle. The story of the faith walk, discovery, and miracle is told in The Bridge, a compelling can’t put down book that offers a way out for individuals drowning in sorrow, grief, fear, anger or shame. The story of how a tormented mother made a critical decision that allowed God to deliver a miracle is told in Georgia Justice. “God took The Bridge and used it to touch so many hurting people,” says the author. “He put me on four television shows, numerous radio interviews, in newspaper articles, and put my book in hospitals throughout America where it can be picked up by people in need. He has great plans for this Reluctant Author and those plans included using me so He could also write Georgia Justice.”