“From the moment “THE BRIDGE” arrived in my mailbox, I thought of the book as a special gift. Along with the book came a gold pin titled Psalm 91,! “THE BRIDGE” taught me the importance of holding God’s eternal and able hand throughout the ordeals of life. If there is any way you have the chance to read “THE BRIDGE,” do read it. It’s a prayerful book from a loving mother’s heart.

Leola Norman
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“Overall, this book was genuine. It even came with a little pin. There is also an emphasis on trusting in the Lord, along with important Bible quotations from the Book of Psalms. The author even includes a note at the end about accepting Jesus for salvation.

Teresa Konopka

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“The Bridge is a book for people who believe in miracles. It is also for people who need to be reminded that during troubling times, God is not the guilty party. Even devout Christians sometimes need to be reminded that their strength is in the Lord, and The Bridge serves as that reminder.

Miss Bob Etier

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“People of deep religious belief will find it an affirmation. Divine intervention and influence is credited for the strength to get through the ordeal as well as the favorable verdict of not guilty on all counts.

Charles Ashbacher


“This powerful story of an accidental death and the unwavering faith of a mother’s love and belief in the Psalms will rivet the reader. If you want to hear about a miracle and the effect the power of prayer can have on a family you will be very interested in this mother’s story!

Deb Fowler


“The Bridge clearly demonstrates that God still performs miracles in the 21st century. A key point is that when bad things happen it’s better to trust God than to blame Him. The story also reveals that it is certainly possible to survive a tragedy without losing faith.

Emory Daniels

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“This is a good, inspirational story… you can absolutely see the conviction in her [Jackie’s] heart that God’s love and grace alone brought her through this difficult time…she simply wants to share her miracle with you.


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“Anyone going through a struggle that seems desperate or that is facing a sentence that looms inevitable will take courage from reading Jackie Carpenter’s account of her son’s incarceration and eventual exoneration. She gives God the glory and provides the scriptures that her family clung to throughout this devastating ordeal.

Maggie Harding


“This is a story of the power of prayer and unyielding faith. I read this book in a little over an hour, but the message was very powerful. If you haven’t read this book, you’re missing a great testimony.

Reading at The Beach

“Jackie Carpenter’s faith in her son and in her God is genuine. This comes through clearly in her writing. This is a book that will bring encouragement to anyone who has experienced an injustice in a like or similar circumstance. Heart wrenching and heart warming. A memorable reading experience.

Richard R. Blake

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“As a reader of this true story you will cringe, wonder, worry, but if you are a believer, you will always keep God’s love and faith in your mind and body. The book is easy to read but it exudes faith throughout and you will gain that while reading.

Cy Hilterman

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